We love the classic, lasting things in life. We believe our client relationships should be the same. The video and photo content we create should express the brand DNA and essence of the business you love. At Motioneers we attempt to capture just that, by taking the time to connect with our clients and become an extension of their business. A successful creative relationship thrives on openness, transparency and feedback and we are proud to say that this is our foundation. Not only will we produce your video and photographic content but we will also advise you on how to use that content to get a return on your investment. We love creative partnership and will enhance and build on your ideas.

Talk to us today about your life and your business goals, challenges and aspirations and we will use video and photography to help you achieve them. Our experience gives you options. Not only can we produce video and photo but what about a Podcast? VLOG? Social media marketing? Media today is powerful and we will help you harness it.



$750 Great Value
  • Talking head
  • 60 Minute Session
  • 1-2 minute video

    Basic logo animation
  • 1 location

    Background music
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  • Sweet Spot
  • 3 Hour filming session
  • 90 sec video

    30 sec and 10 sec cut down
  • Montage and talking heads x 2
  • Graphics template to spice
    things up

    stock footage if applicable
  • Enquire
Lets chat!
  • Kitchen Sink
  • 1 -2 day Session*
  • 2 -3 minute vid

    Website or Brand Video

    30 sec and 10 sec cut downs
  • Animated logo
  • Multiple graphics

    Stock footage
  • 2 locations*

    Includes montage
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